Hitman Go turn-based strategy game hits iOS

Square Enix announced a new mobile game called Hitman Go was in the works in February. This week Square Enix has announced that the game is now available for iOS gamers to download and play. If you are familiar with the Hitman franchise, this game is much different from the shooter/strategy game you remember.

Hitman Go looks a lot like a board game with characters sitting on round discs. The game is turn-based so you make a move, and then the enemy makes their move. Square Enix Montreal developed the game and the goal is to get Agent 47 from point A to point B without running into the enemy characters.

Agent 47 does get to carry his tools, like the dual Silverballers he is famous for. Square Enix developers describe the game as having a diorama-style graphics with the player trying to navigate fixed spaces to take out targets or infiltrate areas. When the game was announced in February, hints were that it might be only a few weeks out.

It's been nearly two months since then and the game is finally here. Hitman Go is available for $4.99 on the App Store. Perhaps the biggest downside I see is that no free version of the game shows up on the App Store. $4.99 is a premium price for a mobile game and if you don't like it, you just wasted money.

SOURCE: Square Enix