Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 now shipping

Shane McGlaun - Apr 4, 2013
Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 now shipping

If you’re into sports activities of some sort and you like to record your activity using a video camera or smartphone, there are number of cases on the market to allow you to use your iPhone 5. The problem with using your iPhone 5 as a camera for recording action sports is that the camera in the iPhone 5 has a rather narrow field of view. That means you miss out on some of the image because of the narrow field of view the iPhone offers by default.

A new case for the iPhone 5 is now shipping called the Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5. A version of the case is also available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The case is waterproof and designed to be mountable on a variety of surfaces. The idea is to turn your iPhone 5 into a rugged and waterproof point of view camera.

The iPhone case promises to keep your phone safe from water and allow it to work at up to 33 feet underwater. One of the big features of the case for iPhone users is that it has a special lens attachment that gives the iPhone 5 camera a much wider field of view. The lens allows for a 170-degree overview and promises to allow you to take sharper and better saturated photos and videos.

The case is intended to work in conjunction with the updated Vidometer 2.0 app allowing you to overlay speed, altitude, and G force data on top of videos and upload the videos to Facebook or YouTube. The case is made from ABS/polycarbonate with a soft touch rubberized exterior. Inside the case is a layer of a material called Poron that is designed to absorb shocks that would typically be transmitted to the phone. The material promises to absorb vibrations without letting them affect the phone that would be present in high vibration environments like motocross or automotive racing. The case ships with GoPro compatible mounting system for helmets and other uses. The case is available now for $129.99.

[via Hitcase]

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