Hitachi unveils new Ultrastar C10K600 enterprise HDD

Shane McGlaun - Oct 11, 2010
Hitachi unveils new Ultrastar C10K600 enterprise HDD

Hitachi has pulled the wraps off a new enterprise class HDD that is claimed to be the industry’s fastest and most power-efficient 10,000 rpm enterprise class HDD. The drive spins at 10,000 rpm and uses the 6Gb/s SAS interface. The drive is a small 2.5-inch drive with up to 600GB of storage capacity.

The HDD delivers 15% better random and 18% faster sequential performance than other products on the market today. Hitachi also claims that the HDD needs 22% less power during operation compared to other products on the market. In addition to the 600GB version of the drive, Hitachi also offers 300GB and 450GB HDDs in the family.

The drive is also the only in its class to use a 64MB cache to optimize the drives read/write response time. The drive needs 5.6W of power during random read/write operations and 3.1w of power in idle mode. Bulk data encryption is also available on the series.

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