Hitachi shows prototype of new wooo display- Features RGB backlit LCD with 15mm thin profile

Hitachi has today announced an ultra thin LCD display prototype at CEATEC Japan. Measured at a mere 15mm in depth, the new WOOO is 58% thinner than current production of Wooo UT series. The 37-inch prototype replaced IPS panel with newest and better RGB backlit LCD model and also boasted a huge color gamut of 150% wider than HD Rec.709 color space.

Also disclosed are the weight of the display has been reduced to 22lb and unit has more economical power consumption;it only consumed half the power of year 2007 model. Fewer details such as contrast and brightness are available, but an energy efficient and light-weight 37-inch LCD with ultra thin profile can be a serious contender for OLED display.

[via impress]