Hitachi Showcases IPS Display for Tablets Featuring 302ppi

Evan Selleck - Oct 6, 2010
Hitachi Showcases IPS Display for Tablets Featuring 302ppi

Hitachi used their time at CEATEC this year to showcase a brand new 6.6-inch display, which is primarily meant for tablets. And while seeing another IPS-based display may not be the highlight of the show, Hitachi did manage to surprise quite a few people with the similarities between their new screen, and the Retina Display that Apple unveiled a few months ago, with the launch of the iPhone 4. Hitachi’s new display packs in the ppi, and makes a tablet’s resolution something to drool over.

The 6.6-inch IPS display from Hitachi features a resolution of 1600×1200, and 302ppi. Compare that to the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, which offers 326ppi, it’s obvious that Hitachi got pretty close to what Apple offers on the smaller screen. However, comparing the display to the IPS-based iPad, Apple’s tablet device, then things get a bit more interesting. The Hitachi display offers up more resolution, as well as more ppi. Although, it is more than three inches smaller. The iPad offers 132ppi, and a resolution of 1024×768.

The contrast ratio of the new Hitachi tablet display is 800:1, and it offers up 400 nits of brightness. And, grabbing a similarity to the iPad, has an aspect ratio of 4:3. Unfortunately, while we know there’s already people out there wanting to get their hands on this, Hitachi didn’t offer a timeframe as to when these displays would hit the scene.

[via UberGizmo]

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