Hitachi revealed 15mm thin 37-inch LCD at CEATEC 2008

Daniel Lim - Sep 30, 2008

At CEATEC 2008, Hitachi demonstrated an Alpha IPS 32-inch WXGA LCD panel with 19mm at its thinnest part. A year later, the company has rolled up a new prototype with thinner profile, bigger screen at Full HD resolution. As reported last week, the new 37-inch IPS LCD panel has 15mm at its thinnest part. It also features an RGB backlit LCD panel with Full HD resolution of 1920×1080.

The use of backlit component helps boasting a wider color gamut of 150% than HD Rec.709 color space. The prototype weights in 22lb and has a refresh rate of 6ms. Pricing information is not available but the company aims to push the new TV to the market next year.

[via impress]

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