Hitachi Releases World's First Terabyte Drive

No matter how you partition it, 1 terabyte of storage is a lot of space to fill. Ready to give budding audiophiles and cinematics a shot at doing just that is Hatachi's Deskstar 7K1000 with it's $399 price tag.

Released to retailers in March 2007 this 3.5-inch drive provides the speed and performance today's media editing applications require. With its 3.0Gb/s Serial-ATA (SATA) interface and 32MB cache this massive storage device provides an affordable way to backup large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

With new forms of media finding their way to the mainstream such as HD-DVD and Blue-Ray using up to 45GB/50GB respectively, there will soon be a need for continually larger amounts of physical storage space to back them up on. Products like Hatachi's Deskstar 7K1000 are the first of a new generation into terabyte storage.

Hitachi Ships the One-Terabyte Hard Drive [via businesswire]