Hitachi adds 11 new plasma and LCD sets to TV line

The economy is starting to come back a little in many parts of the world, which means that electronics companies are flooding the market with new gear in hopes of grabbing a bit of the loot consumers have back in their wallets. Hitachi Japan has announced 11 new TVs with both plasma and LCD models.

The new gear includes four plasma screens and seven LCDs. If you are tired of black, some of the sets come in other colors as well. The new sets include the XP05, HP05, and H05 series. The top of the line in the new range is the XP05 series with 42-inch, 46-inch, and 50-inch models costing up to $3650. A 32-inch and 37-inch LCD version is offered in the series and all XP05 sets have a 320GB HDD inside.

The HP05 series has a pair of plasma sets in it with 42-inch and 32-inch screens supporting 720p resolution and featuring 250GB HDD inside. The sets are $2,200 for the 42-inch and $1,600 for the 32-inch. The H05 series includes four LCD sets with 720p resolution in 19-inch, 22-inch, and 32-inch versions using IPS panels. All of the sets will launch in Japan on April 17 with no word on US availability.