Hisense and eyeSight team for gesture recognizing Android Smart TV

The smart TV realm is growing with lots of consumers opting for TVs that can access the web to get content from channels like YouTube, Netflix and lots more. Hisense and eyeSight have announced a partnership that will see the two firms bring the first Android smart TV to market that has integrated gesture recognition tech inside.

The agreement will result in three Hisense TVs hitting the market with gesture control capability right out of the box. The eyeSight SDK has been integrated into the TVs and presumably. I wonder if apps to support the gesture control can be designed by devs for these TVs. The first model that will come to market is the Series XT710.

This TV landed in China on October 1. The TV has a 2D camera inside and the gestures can be made directly in front of the camera for control. Gestures for basic TV functions are included and the goal is to allow the viewer the ability to control the set without having to search for a remote. There is no word right now on availability in other countries.