HiSaver power strip uses motion to cut power to peripherals when you leave

I have seen a few power strips that use timers or have a button that the user can press to turn off connected items when they are leaving. The catch is that timers may leave things on for longer than you are actually using them and many folks just don't remember to turn things off when they leave. A new power strip called the HiSaver has debuted that uses motion-sensing tech.

The HiSaver has a motion sensor that you can place on your desk that will sense when you leave the room and after you are gone for ten minutes the thing will turn off all the gear that is plugged into the four power saving outlets. The power strip does have one outlet that always has power for your PC.

The idea is that when you leave the power strip will turn off the peripherals like your printer, speakers, and other gear. The power strip also offers surge protection to protect your electronics and one of the four power saving plugs can be switched to always on if you need another outlet that stays on all the time. The power strip isn't cheap at $109 and you can buy it now from Tomauri.