Hiroshi Lockheimer trolls Android fans with "Oreo", "Pocky"

One of the most respected traditions in the Android world is guessing the code name for the next major Android release. It follows the basic requirement of being a dessert that starts with the next letter of the alphabet after the current release. Usually, that guessing game is started with a flurry of suggestions, some of them sensible while others are really out of this world. It seems, however, that the tradition is in danger of dying out, which is probably why Google SVP for Android Hiroshi Lockheimer took it upon himself to get the ball rolling. Or maybe even trolling.

The next letter in the alphabet after "N" is "O", unless you count Ñ. Given there aren't so many popular sweets starting with that letter, the most immediate conclusion was that it'd be "Oreo". And that definitely does seem to be what Lockheimer is suggesting.

Almost too easy. While it does exist in the realm of possibility, there is one business consideration that could go against the adoption of name. "Oreo" after all, is a trademarked brand and Google will have to enter into all sorts of agreements to be able to use the name. It did so with KitKat but who knows how that turned out in the end business-wise. So while it's definitely possible, Lockheimer might just be having some (innocent) fun at Android fans' expense.

Another clue that he might, in fact, just be joking was when he tweeted a picture of Pocky chocolate covered sticks with the hashtag "#2018". Definitely a clear reference to the "P" release, which is way too early for consideration. Plus, it's also a trademarked brand.

So the door is still open, at least for the public to try and guess the next Android dessert. Google itself doesn't seem to be in a rush and isn't even polling the public for a name, unlike what it did with Nougat last year. Many might have lost interest in the exercise altogether, though Lockheimer's tweets could have sparked off some neurons as well.