Hillary Clinton operated email server for state business

What you're about to read is actually really impressive. It's also highly unorthodox, extremely suspicious, and downright sidesteps all the governmental safeguards and checks/balances in play for the security of its employees. But man, it sure is interesting. Hillary Clinton was recently found to use her personal email address for official state business while Secretary of State. Bad enough, right? A new report also details how Clinton used her own server to run this email service. At her home. See?! Pretty impressive, right?

Also very suspicious, though. The Associated Press found out about Clinton's scheme while digging through her Internet records. The email she used for official state business routed back to her family home in Chappaqua, New York.

According to the AP, this is highly unusual for government officials. Government officials have email that funnels through servers run by the federal agency they work for. Just like your work email probably does.

The server was registered under a pseudonym, Eric Hoteham, but Hillary's email — hdr22@clintonemail.com — ran through the server at her home. Other email servers for presidentclinton.com and wjcoffice.com were also registered to Holdeham at the Clinton home.

Though it's not known why Clinton would do such a thing, it does bring up issues of ownership of digital materials. In court, lawyers could argue that her emails are her own, which would cause a problem for any subpoena, private or government. There would also be a heavy challenge for any Freedom of Information Act request, as the emails never ran through a government server — even though they were for official state business.

There could be some really understandable reasoning behind this. Clinton may have, like many citizens, simply not trusted the government's methods. She was privy to many very private discussions with heads of state around the world, so it might have made them feel a bit more secure to know their correspondence wasn't traipsing through government servers.

Suspicious? Sure — but it's impressive. Clinton likely won't discuss the mater, but if she plans to run for President in 2016, she'll have to come up with some reason for running a personal email server to conduct state business through.

Source: Associated Press