High-tech security cameras can watch and predict what people will do

There are many people across the country and around the world who don't like the idea of cameras watching their every move. Those who are uncomfortable with a normal security camera watching them will really be bothered by the future security cameras that can watch what they're doing, and predict what they are going to do. The technology comes from a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

The future security cameras will use technology that will eventually be able to predict what the people might do according to the researchers. The goal is to create software to be used as security cameras are able to predict illicit behavior before the behavior occurs. The cameras will be able to alert security personnel if unauthorized behavior is expected to take place.

The research is funded by the US government and is being called automatic video surveillance technology. The technology is expected to eventually be used in both civil and military security networks. The video cameras and the new software would be put into use in places such as airports to help predict suspicious activity such as leaving a bag unattended.

The technology makes heavy use of advances made by machine vision researchers. The technology is said to be similar to tech Google uses in its self-driving cars and combined some aspects of face recognition software. The recognition software is called a "cognitive engine" that is able to understand the "nouns" (people and objects) and the "verbs" (actions the nouns are allowed to do) and how those relate to what people or objects are allowed to do. That allows activity forecasting and brings the world one-step closer to Minority Report.

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