HidnSeek tracks objects over long distances using Sigfox network

There are a lot of things in your life that you likely consider worth tracking: that expensive drone you bought but can't quite operate yet, your luggage on its slow trek to your destination, maybe even a pet or a child if you're feeling particularly cautious. There's no lack of Bluetooth tracking devices on the market, but their range limits their usefulness. Trackers that use cellular networks and GPS fill the void, and HidnSeek is the latest among them, but with a twist: it uses the Sigfox network instead.

HidnSeek is about the size of a thumb drive, using SigFox network connectivity and GPS to track and broadcast its data to the user (who uses a related mobile app on their smartphone). SigFox has somewhat extensive coverage in Europe, and efforts are underway elsewhere. The advantage of this over Bluetooth is that you can track an object over much farther distances, and without substantial monthly cellular fees.

The tracking functionality also extends to things like monitoring whether the tracker goes a certain period of time without being moved, or if it is moved (when, obviously, you don't want it to be). A mobile alert is delivered in these instances. There's also geo-fencing for defining physical areas in which one wants an object to stay.

The device's makers are looking to raise nearly $13,700 USD on Kickstarter, and have so far nearly hit the $10,000 USD mark with 42 days remaining. The Super Early Bird unit is priced at $119 USD (as a pledge), with those backers being slated to get the tracker in October of this year.

SOURCE: Kickstarter