Heroes of the Storm is getting a new hero: Valeera Sanguinar

Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm is getting a new update, and with it will come a new character: Valeera Sanguinar. Blizzard first announced the news in a tweet a couple days ago, and has further detailed the character in its newly released patch notes. This patch has 'just arrived' in the Public Test Realm, says Blizzard, and can be playtested until January 23.

Per the patch notes, it seems Valeera has joined the game with her 'shadowy skills' to work with the Uncrowned and help fight against Legion. This character has the 'Vanish' trait, and her basic abilities include Sinister Strike, Blade Furry, and Eviscerate.

As far as the Vanish abilities are concerned, Valeera can ambush targets, doling out damage while getting one combo point in reward. She also has the 'Cheap Shot' ability for stunning a target and 'Garrote,' the ability to silence and damage a target. Finally, she also has the heroic abilities 'Smoke Bomb' and 'Cloak of Shadows.'

The new hero aside, Blizzard also details some other changes the patch will bring to Heroes of the Storm, including new icon art for a couple heroes, new updated visual effects for additional heroes, new bundles and returning bundles, Lunar Festival quests and rewards, a new version of Cursed Hollow, a new cheat menu, and more.

SOURCE: Battle.net