Herman Miller's new Aeron desk chair is the update of a classic

Herman Miller has announced an update to its iconic Aeron desk chair first released in 1994. Unlike most desk chairs at the time, the Aeron stood out due to its lack of fabric and foam, with the designers instead embracing a sparse, but no less great, design. It has been more than 20 years since the model first arrived, and now it's back again with an all-new design — every part of it, the company says, has been updated.

According to Herman Miller, this new Aeron chair took two years to complete, and included input from one of the original designers, Don Chadwick. The new model takes advantage of newer, better materials available now versus twenty years ago, as well updated ergonomics and anthropometrics that reflect the new research performed over the years. All the while, the company says the new model has kept the "distinctive silhouette" of the original.

There's a lot to like about this new Aeron model. For starters, the new chair has an adjustable PostureFit SLTM support, as well as a tilt mechanism that has been re-engineered. As well, Herman Miller has incorporated the new 8Z Pellicle zoned suspension, which it calls "groundbreaking." It doesn't matter whether you're reclining back, sitting forward, or something in between, the new chair is designed to accommodate you.

As with the original chair, the new Aeron can be fine-tuned to each user's preferences, but there's less work involved in doing so. Joining this is an improvement to the arm mechanism, allowing for side-to-side and front-to-back movements as well as the regular up-and-down adjustments. The chair is also available in A-B-C sizing to meet three 'proportional sizes' for supporting as many body types as possible.

The chair is available now in North/Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Mexico. You'll have to wait until January to get it in Europe, and until February if you're in Asia. Price starts at $780 and goes up from there depending on what features you choose.

SOURCE: Herman Miller