Here's your first look at Fortnite mobile gameplay

The biggest question surrounding Fortnite's mobile port is "how will it play?" After all, Fortnite is a fast-paced game that demands more from its players than other games in the Battle Royale genre, and on the surface, it seems like it would be difficult to adapt that to touch screens. Today we're getting our first glimpse of how Fortnite will play on mobile devices, thanks to a new trailer from Epic Games.

The roughly 30-second trailer gives us a taste of what Fortnite will be like on mobile devices. Visuals seem to have taken something of a hit in the transition, which is something that's to be expected. Still, the core Fortnite experience appears to be intact, as we see players gliding onto the island, building structures, and shooting guns.

Unfortunately, we only get a couple very brief shots of the game's actual controls. Fortnite's mobile controls seem similar to other mobile games, with a touch joystick on the left side of the display and face buttons for actions like aiming down the scope, jumping, and crouching. Shooting seems to be performed by simply tapping on the screen, while the hotbar holding all of your items is touch-enabled as well.

Ultimately, it's the expected control scheme for Fortnite on mobile, even if it isn't the most elegant solution. Fortnite on mobile will feature cross play with the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, and these controls might put mobile players at a disadvantage in those scenarios. Still, if you don't have a console or a suitable PC, mobile will be a good way to get your Fortnite fix, so we image that for some, playing with touch screen controls will be better than not playing Fortnite at all.

At the moment, we're still waiting on Epic Games to begin sending out invites for Fortnite's iOS test. While we've been waiting on that, Epic warned players not to trust any links they may come across that promise access to the game, as everything that doesn't come from official sources is a scam. We'll see how Fortnite translates to mobile soon enough, so stay tuned.