Here's when you can play Ghost of Tsushima's Legends update

Back in August, Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions announced a major update to the game, which will bring it to version 1.1. In addition to adding a New Game+ mode for the single-player campaign, Sucker Punch also revealed that it would be adding a new co-op mode called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. When the update was first revealed, Sucker Punch declined to give specific details regarding release, but as of today, we know when the update will be out.

Today, Sucker Punch senior game designer Darren Bridges announced an October 16th release date for Ghost of Tsushima's version 1.1 update. It sounds like there's a lot to the new Legends co-op mode, with Bridges describing it at length in a post to the PlayStation Blog.

As revealed back in August, Legends will allow two friends to play through a series of stories missions together or up to four to play through survival missions. There are four classes to pick from: the Samurai, who is a frontliner that regenerate health by dealing damage to enemies; the Hunter, who can attack from afar and use explosive arrows; the Ronin, who seems to be a support class with a team-wide revive ability; and the Assassin, who is capable of dishing out single-target burst damage.

In addition to the story and survival missions, players will be able to participate in raids, which require four players and top-tier gear to complete. You'll unlock gear by playing through Legends' challenges, with a number of cosmetics to unlock along the way as well. In order to play Legends, you'll need to have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus, and you'll need to head to the PlayStation Store to download a free unlock that'll allow you to play Ghost of Tsushima: Legends once you've applied the version 1.1 update.

Then we also have New Game+, which will allow you to start the campaign over with all of your gear and upgrades after completing it once. You'll be able upgrade your bow, sword, and armor an additional time each in New Game+, and the difficulty has been ramped up as well. You'll also be able to collect Ghost Flowers and trade them with a new merchant for armor dyes and new cosmetics. You can read more about the incoming update in the PlayStation Blog article linked above, but otherwise, watch for it to land next week.