Here's the first trailer for Bethesda's Starfield Xbox exclusive

Most of us probably assumed that this was going to be a big E3 for Microsoft, and while the show is just getting underway, the company opened its reveal event with a bang. Rather than Xbox boss Phil Spencer opening the event, we were instead greeted by Bethesda director Todd Howard, who showed off the very first trailer for Starfield. This reveal has been a long time coming, but unfortunately, we didn't get to see a whole lot of the game in it.

As with most teaser trailers, the first trailer for Starfield didn't show off any gameplay. It was entirely cinematic in nature, but it did make a big reveal despite not having any gameplay to speak of – at the end of the trailer, we're told that the game is coming out on November 11th, 2022. That's 11 years to the day after Skyrim, for what that may be worth.

We'll keep the rest unspoiled so those who have been looking forward to this moment can savor it, but we will note that the trailer does confirm that this is going to be an Xbox exclusive. Following Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media and its subsidiaries – Bethesda, id Software, Machine Games, and more – there was some question as to whether or not future Bethesda games would continue to be muiltiplatform or if they would be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

We now have an answer, at least in the case of Starfield. Phil Spencer has indicated in the past that Bethesda games will be exclusive to platforms where Xbox Game Pass is available, and that notably excludes PlayStation.

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass, Starfield – like every other first-party Microsoft game – will be on Xbox Game Pass from day one. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground for more on Bethesda's Starfield, so keep it here at SlashGear for more.