Here's how you can play HQ Trivia on Android now

HQ Trivia, which goes live for all Android users on 1st January, is set to revolutionize mobile gaming. Or destroy it. The odd mix of Jeopardy, mobile games, and money has made HQ Trivia the talk of the mobile town. Exclusive to iOS since October, the Android version can't come soon enough for some. You can, of course, force your way to get into the game. And, of course, you also run the risk of ruining your own experience, or your phone for that matter.

Online gamers, especially those who play MMOs, are very familiar with the concept of events that only happen during specific times of the day. HQ Trivia is a bit like that, as it happens only twice a day, but instead of competing for bosses and loot, you compete over trivia questions. And it's like watching a game show on your phone, with you as both spectator and participant. And there's real world money at stake, which is probably why it has become that popular.

The beta for the Android version of the app was already announced but it was limited to only a random few in the US. In Canada, however, it's a free-for-all open beta. And therein lies the first method of getting HQ Trivia installed on your device. You will need a VPN program, either on your computer or directly on your device, and set your location to Canada. Launch Google Play Store, install, and wait for the next live round.

Or you can simply install the extracted APK for HQ Trivia. While the process is less convoluted than the above, it is also riskier. Depending on where you get the APK from, you could get infected by some malware. And when there are popular apps or games like these, you can be sure hackers are more than ready to pounce.