Here's how to watch some Netflix shows without an account

Netflix has long been one of the kings of streaming, but these days, it's facing some stiff competition from old foes and newcomers alike. With Hulu, Amazon, Disney, NBC, and more all vying for a slice of the streaming pie, Netflix certainly has a fight on its hands. Perhaps that's why it's now letting people stream some of its original content for free, with no account needed.

The original content that's available for free includes TV shows and some movies, but this isn't quite as generous as one might initially hope. For instance, when it comes to the TV shows, only the first episode is available to watch for free. In other words, Netflix is hoping to get you hooked with the first episode so you'll subscribe to watch the rest.

The TV shows included in this promotion include Stranger Things, Boss Baby: Back in Business, Grace and Frankie, Our Planet, Love is Blind, Elite, and When They See Us. There are also three movies available for free: The Two Popes, Bird Box, and Murder Mystery. With everything all tallied up, this is a smattering of Netflix content that covers a lot of genres.

It's a smart move too, because it's essentially Netflix letting its content speak for itself at a time when it seems like everyone is launching some kind of streaming service. An article on the Netflix help center says that these free episodes and movies are watchable using either a computer or an Android device, so iOS users will have to sit this promo out. To find the free content, you just need to head over to the dedicated page Netflix has set up for it.

Of course, if you watch the first episode of Stranger Things and decide you're hooked, Netflix does offer one month free trials to new accounts. We'll probably never know for sure if this free content help drives more subscriptions to Netflix, but it's safe to say that it can't hurt as a bunch of other companies look to unseat Netflix from its throne.