Here's how to watch Capcom's E3 2021 event today

Today is day three of E3 2021, and even though it's sandwiched between yesterday's Xbox and Bethesda Showcase and tomorrow's Nintendo Direct, there are still some events to look forward to today. Perhaps the biggest is Capcom's Showcase, which is going down later this afternoon. We already know a lot of what the show will cover, so if you're looking forward to any of Capcom's games, you'll definitely want to catch the show.

If you're looking to catch Capcom's E3 2021 event, then you'll be pleased to know that there are several ways to do just that. The easiest way is to tune into the official E3 channel on Twitch, which is hosting events throughout the day. E3's live stream is also available on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, so you have plenty of options if you aren't a fan of Twitch.

Capcom's event is slated to take place at 2:30 PM PDT/5:30 PM EDT later today. As far as what will be covered during the event, we already know that Capcom plans to showcase The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, two games that are releasing next month. In addition, Capcom will also talk about Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise, two games that are already available and have been for a few months.

We'll probably hear about new content inbound for both of those titles. Of course, the fact that it's E3 probably means that Capcom will have a few surprises to share during the show (the author of this article would love to see something new from Dragon's Dogma, for instance), but we'll have to watch the show to see what those are.

Even without any inkling about the surprise announcements Capcom might have up its sleeve, it's clear that Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil fans should tune into the show. We'll have additional coverage from E3 2021 today and tomorrow, so stay tuned for more.