Here are the Windows 10 Mobile features coming next year

For the past two Windows 10 releases, Microsoft has focused primarily on the desktop side of the operating system, which is only natural as it desperately needed to catch up with lost time. That, however, left many Windows 10 Mobile users feeling orphaned. If this latest info dump, as well as some rumors, do come to pass, then they will be able to turn that frown upside-down. In the "Redstone 2" update coming next year, and supposedly in Redstone 3 after that, Microsoft will finally be giving Windows 10 Mobile some much-needed attention.

Based on the slides from the company's Ignite 2016 conference, a lot of the Windows 10 Mobile features coming next year will revolve around Continuum. At long last, the feature might actually become a convincing reason for more business-minded mobile users to at least consider a Windows 10 Mobile device.

For one, Continuum will finally allow windows to be resized and snapped like they normally do on Windows 10 desktops. Currently, you can only use them in full screen when you dock a smartphone to a larger display. Your Continuum session will also no longer crash when your smartphone goes to sleep, saving the smartphone more battery and you some headache. You will apparently also be able to rearrange the Start Menu tiles in Continuum differently from the regular smartphone mode.

That said, the Redstone update isn't expected until April 2017, which still leaves the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem in a precarious state for more than half a year.

A still present problem with Windows 10 Mobile is the dearth of available devices,especially those that actually support its key Continuum feature. While the expensive HP Elite x3 was poised to finally be that champion, its rollout has largely been criticized due to its inconsistency and unreliability, further marring the reputation of Windows 10 Mobile devices.

VIA: Neowin