Here Active Listening ear buds help control what you hear

Usually when we see ear buds, the point of the device is to allow you to listen to your favorite music or other audio source in private. A set of ear buds called Here Active Listening have turned up and they aren't designed for music playback. The Here system consists of a smartphone app and a pair of wireless ear buds that allows the wearer to control what they hear in the real world.

The Here device has a DSP inside that gives you a volume knob, EQ, and effects that allow users to transform their real world audio all around them. Using the ear buds, you can do things like suppress the sound of a jet engine during flights, without having to suppress the other sounds the airplane.

Wear Here to a live music event and you can tune the sound you hear for more bass or other settings. The Here system also promise o be able to reduce the sound of subway noise and traffic. Users can also augment the audio they here using other settings like reverb, flange, vinyl, echo, and noise mask.

There are preset filters that allow you to overlay the sounds in the world around you with a combination of effects. There are also pre-set modes to block out things like jet engines, crying babies, and chatter. The ear buds have automatic pairing with Bluetooth devices and power lasts for six hours. The case has a battery and can charge the Here buds fully two times. Here Active Listening is on Kickstarter seeking $250,000 and has raised over $361,000 with 23 days to go. The ear buds sell for $199 with shipping expected in December 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter