Henge Dock for MacBook unveiled

When it comes to working for a notebook all the time many people end up wishing they had a larger screen, full size keyboards, and a different mouse. You can add these things to your notebook but removing them each time you need to take the notebook with you can be a pain.

Docking stations for Windows machines are prolific, but MacBook users don't have that many options. A new line of docks for MacBook notebooks have debuted called Henge Docks. The docks let you slip the MacBook into the dock on its side.

Docks are made for black and white plastic MacBooks, 13-inch MacBook Pro unibody, 15-inch MacBook Pro, and 17-inch MacBook Pro models. Each dock offers USB, Ethernet, audio cable, and some versions have Firewire cables. The docs use the MacBook MagSafe Power adapter and Apple Mini DisplayPort or DVI adapters for video out. Docks start at $59.95 and are available now.