HELLOMOTODROID teaser video hits web

Google has previously promised that 20 new Android handsets are coming to market this year. The year is drawing to a close so the new introductions are coming at an intense pace. The latest Android handset to tip up is the HELLOMOTODROID. Yes, that is apparently the name. I am sure it will go by Droid though. The very brief video is poorly lit and offers no details.

Basically, the video is perfect teaser fodder. The first ten or so seconds of the video shows us nothing, and then we see a pulsing red eye that looks like a Cylon shorting out. In the last few seconds of the video, we see the screen and the OS of the device showing the vid was shot yesterday.

The robot sounding voice that says DROID on boot up is really cool, I wonder that is actually part of the phones boot process or just a gimmick for the video. That is all the info we get, I told you the video was brief.