Hello Kitty DY-133KT TV is sickeningly cute

I really don't get the fascination with Hello Kitty. There are some many products with the cat on them it boggles the mind. The feline shows up on phones, underwear, and other adult unmentionables with alarming regularity. I cringe each time my daughter points out something with Hello Kitty on it in the store. Some of the worst Hello Kittie offenders are in Japan, as evidenced by this new DY-133KT Hello Kitty TV.

The screen is only 13.3-inches making it sized more for a kid's room or perhaps a sick and twisted kitchen. The set will launch on Christmas Eve and is set to cost 49,800 yen or about $559 here in the States. As you expect with any Hello Kitty gear, it sports the kitty shape with whiskers and a red bow. The remote looks like a red bow as well.

The screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a button on the remote puts the black eyes and yellow nose on the screen to complete the Hello Kitty scene (or make you puke). The set measures 414 x 149 x 372 mm and weighs 2.3kg and connectivity includes PC, composite, and S-video.