Hello Fresh and EveryPlate meal delivery services recall onions in kits

EveryPlate and Hello Fresh, two meal delivery services, have recalled the onions found in their meal kits sold during a specific time period due to potential contamination with Salmonella. The two recalls follow last week's big onion recall announcement, which was made in conjunction with an ongoing investigation into a multi-state Salmonella outbreak across the US.READ: Massive onion recall hits US and Canada: The details

EveryPlate and Hello Fresh are both services that ship customers kits containing all of the ingredients to make a meal. These kits may, depending on the particular recipe, include packaged onions, which both companies say should be thrown away uneaten due to the Salmonella contamination risk.

The recall applies to onions in kits received between July 7 and September 8. for both companies. Though enough time has passed that no customers will have these onions in a fresh state, it is possible they may still be present in some customers' freezers. The companies say that onions received in their meal kits after September 8 are not affected by this recall.

The companies point out that cooking the onions to 165F (74C) or higher will kill any Salmonella bacteria that may be present. Not all consumers may have cooked their onions, however, as the food product is often eaten as a raw garnish or ingredient in many meals. Salmonella bacteria can likewise be inadvertently spread to other foods and surfaces through contact.

Customers of either company who may still be in possession of onions from meal kits delivered between the aforementioned dates should check out the recall notices for full identifying details, including product codes. The Hello Fresh recall can be found on the FDA's website here, and the EveryPlate recall can be found on the agency's website here.