Helio Mysto finally hitting stores

Not on a mass scale though, apparently they'll actually only be available in the Helio NYC and Santa Monica stores, and even then they won't be advertised at all, you'll have to specifically ask for one to even see it, let alone buy it. However, word is, there should be enough available for everyone that shows up and asks for one on the 26th and 27th, then after that they'll probably be out of supply, for about a month.

Oh yeah, did I mention the 26th was the first day that you could pick one up? Well it is, also, we know from our own Vincent Nguyen that the device was being made in the Gumi plant, he knows this from his tour he did with Samsung not too long ago.

Also, all the pictures below are of flip phones, but that's just because that's all that Vincent took photos of, I am pretty sure the Mysto is a slider, another one from the Ultra Edition of top shelf cell phones that Samsung makes. I want one really bad, by the way, word is we might be getting one in for review very soon.

Helio Mysto [via PhoneMag]