Helio Fin – Thin and sexy

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 15, 2007

Helio has finally taken the wraps off of their latest phone device which is made by Samsung. The Fin is a thin and sleek clamshell phone that packs quite a few high-end features. But will it be enough to make me put down my Ocean?

The Fin is actually Helio’s first clamshell phone, and it’s definitely a good choice. It is currently the thinnest flip-phone available in the US measuring in at 11mm. The phone comes with a 2.3-inch QVGA display with a resolution of 240 x 320. The camera shoots at 3Megapixels with a 4x zoom, and shoots video in MPEG-4. Stereo Bluetooth is also supported.

Helio Fin

You get all the goodies that you’d expect from Helio like the strong 3G network, GPS capabilities, their awesome messaging and email suite. When you shoot video on this tiny phone, you can just upload it straight to YouTube without any hassles. If you’re going to store it on the phone you’ll have plenty of space from an external memory card. It accepts up to a 4GB microSD card.

Helio Fin
Is it enough to make me put down my Ocean? Not a chance. I love my full QWERTY keyboard and the way it slides is so awesome. If I were a flip-phone guy I’d probably jump on this one though.

The new Fin from Helio goes on sale today for $175 both online and in-stores. If you’re new to Helio they’ll even throw in an extra $50 savings. Look for a review here on SlashGear in the coming days.

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