Heelys Xbox 360 Shoe - Why shoes and game consoles shouldn't breed

I'm the proud owner of an Xbox 360, however, I wouldn't ever consider myself to be a fanboy. I also own a PS2 and a Gamecube which still see action. There are plenty of dedicated fanboys out there, and this shoe is for them.

Heelys has created a new shoe specifically for hardcore Xbox 360 gamers. It really looks like someone dropped a 360 controller onto the conveyor belt and some machine smashed it into the sole of the shoe.

I really think these are a bit much, I mean who would seriously buy these? I know a few people that are practically ready to make sweet lovin to their 360, and I can't see any of them actually wearing something like this.

Heelys to offer Xbox 360 footwear [via xbox360fanboy]