Heco Unveils New Speakers Called Statement

Heco, a German speaker company, has a new floor-standing speaker design that comes with a lame play-on-name joke. The Statement speakers, jokes aside, are really spectacular. The 3-way reflex bass speaker is self proclaimed as the best loudspeaker design in over 50 years of experience.

It stands 1.23m tall and weighs in at 43kg each, that's just under 100lbs. There is a newly developed 8"woofer with hardened papercone, 25mm soft-dome tweeter with nano-particle coated 1 dome tweeter, aluminum frontplate with short horn attempt, double magnet system and damped resonance chamber.

You can purchase a pair of Statement speakers for around $5,900, they don't come cheap. They do, however, come in high quality real wood veneer or glossy varnish from Pure Sound.

Heco makes a Statement with £3000 floorstanders [via BornRich]