Heat Harvest turns wasted heat around the house into power

Developers Sergey Komardenkov and Vihanga Gore have developed an interesting device dubbed Heat Harvest. The device is designed to be used by itself or integrated into other objects like your kitchen table. Heat Harvest captures wasted heat from objects and turns that heat into electricity that can be used for other needs.

Heat Harvest can be used to generate electricity from anything that gets hot from your computer to your teapot or radiator. Heat Harvest uses thermoelectricity to capture that heat and turn it into electricity using the temperature difference between two surfaces.

With the Heat Harvest device integrated into a table the user would place a hot pan or cup on top of the device and it would capture that heat and turn it into electricity to charge your smartphone or other device. It could also be placed underneath your satellite or cable box to capture the constant heat generated and turn it into electricity.

The developers give no hard details on the Heat Harvest. We don't know how much power it is able to generate or how fast it can charge a smartphone or other device. The notion of being able to power your set top box using power made from the heat it generates is interesting.

SOURCE: Space10