Hearthstone's latest adventure invites players to spend One Night in Karazhan

Just a few months after the release of Hearthstone's latest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, Blizzard is ready to release the game's next single-player adventure. The mini-expansion, named One Night in Karazhan, will have players travelling to the tower of Karazhan to attend a disco-themed party thrown by the Magus Medivh. Apparently, disco never died in the lands of Azeroth, and we're kind of okay with that.

Like the single-player adventures that came before it, One Night in Karazhan will offer up a grand total of five wings for players to complete. The first wing, which serves as the adventure's prologue chapter, will be free for everyone to check out, and each subsequent wing will cost either 700 gold or $7.99. Players will also have the option of buying the four remaining wings outright for $20, or purchasing the remaining wings through a combination of gold and real money transactions.

Completing the first wing will grant you two new cards for your collection, while a total of 45 cards can be unlocked by completing everything the adventure has to offer. This includes not only the wings, but also class challenges – separate battles that feature pre-made decks for each of Hearthstone's nine classes. Speaking of classes, you'll need to have all nine unlocked to be able to partake in Medivh's festivities, but that's One Night in Karazhan's only barrier to entry.

One Night in Karazhan, just like the adventures Blackrock Mountain and The League of Explorers, will be adding a new board to the game, along with a pair of card backs. Players can unlock one of the card backs by purchasing the whole adventure during its first week of availability, while the other will be unlocked by completing the adventure on heroic difficulty.

If One Night in Karazhan is anything like the previous three adventures, then players can look forward to cards that shift the metagame and have some serious value in constructed play. The adventure will be going live on August 11, so if you haven't already, start saving up that gold.