Headless Dog Speakers - For the crazy cat lover

There are time where I wish that I were filthy rich. Not even because there is something lavish that I desire, but rather I wonder if it would turn me insane. I wonder if I would spend piles of cash on objects that are completely pointless. Would I buy a pair of speakers that look like decapitated dogs?

That last one is currently on my mind. Apparently there are those people out there that would pay big money for a speaker set into the neck of a dog statue. The speakers aren't supposed to be half bad, but if you're actually thinking about dropping some major cash for a pair of these, you ought to have your head examined.

If you're wondering just how much people are expected to (and probably do) pay for these, it's $900 a pair. I'm pretty sure for that kind of money I can get a much better sound system.

Headless Dog Speakers – Barking to Music Mode [via bornrich]