HDMI hub - Big, expensive and ugly

I have a few devices that use HDMI connectors, and I'm sure that eventually I will get more. How many of you have way too many HDMI-enabled devices lying around just waiting to get plugged in?

Well if you find yourself with up to 8 such devices, I've got something that will help you out. Trinity has release an 8-port HDMI hub that lets you easily connect all the devices you want up to your TV.

The good news is that it will support 1080p. The bad news is that it is expensive and ugly. For $899 don't you think they could have made it look good? These days everyone wants nice, sleek products surrounding their fancy TV, not something that looks like it should be sitting on a shelf in a closet.

HDMI Hub, 8 will do ? [via akihabaranews]