HD-DVD player sales up

In fact, last weekend offered up a spike in sales. A spike to the tune of 90,000 HD-DVD players, take that Blu-Ray.

Sure, Blu-Ray got ahead by integrating their player into the PS3, but HD-DVD has recently made some moves to increase the number of their players out there, first, they started offering coupons for up to 5 free HD-DVDs with the purchase of a player, then they dropped the price of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player, then they dropped the prices to around $200.

Then last weekend, they dropped the price of dedicated players to $99, that's about a fourth of the cheapest dedicated Blu-Ray player. That huge sale was mainly to clear the stock of Toshiba's HD-A2 HD-DVD player to make way for their HD-A3 player, which has an MSRP of $299, but throughout the holiday season, they should be available for $200 or less, which still puts them at considerably less than a Blu-Ray player.

90,000 HD-DVD Players Sold Last Weekend [via gear.ign]