HBO Max reveals three original shows from JJ Abrams' Bad Robot

Following WarnerMedia's deal with JJ Abrams' production company in September 2019, HBO Max has revealed three original shows that it will offer from Bad Robot. The three dramas are the first shows to be made under the WarnerMedia deal; they'll include DC Justice League Dark, Overlook, and Duster. Abrams will serve as the executive producer on all three shows and Warner Bros. International Television Distribution will distribute them.

The DC Justice League Dark series will focus on the supernatural and otherwise mystical side of the Justice League world, including a variety of occult characters like Deadman Shade, John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Zatanna, and more. Information about the planned HBO Max series wasn't revealed, but the confirmation does follow a leak about the show from earlier this year.

Joining the Justice League show will be another Bad Robot original based on a Stephen King work: Overlook. The name refers to the hotel from The Shining, so as you'd expect, it focuses on stories related to that fictional destination. This won't be the first time JJ Abrams has been involved with a King work; his Bad Robot was behind the Castle Rock series on Hulu.

Joining both shows is Duster, a series set in the American Southwest in the 1970s. The show follows the story of a getaway driver, according to Deadline, which reports that Warner Bros. Television has joined Bad Robot on the series.

The shows will eventually be available to stream on HBO Max, the streaming service that will launch in May for $14.99/month. HBO Max will feature both existing and original content, a number of which will be available at the time the platform launches. WarnerMedia's new company joins the increasingly crowded streaming market, which is home to a growing number of original programming.