HBO Max is turning Stephen King's Throttle into an original movie

WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming service HBO Max is working on an adaption of Throttle, a novella from the father-son writing duo Stephen King and Joe Hill. This won't be the first time either author has had their works adapted for television, though it will be the first of its kind on HBO Max. Work on the project is said to be at an early stage; it's unclear what effect the pandemic may have on production.Throttle is a novella published as part of an anthology in early 2009; it tells the story of 'a tribe of motorcycle outlaws' and a 'faceless trucker' set in Nevada. The two battle across a long stretch of desert road, something we'll see spelled out in the form of an original feature-length movie, according to Deadline.

The report claims that Keith Levine and David S. Goyer will be producing via their Phantom Four label and that Leigh Dana Jackson will be writing the screenplay for the movie. Very few details on this project are available at this time — it's unclear whether anyone is on the pipeline for the starring roles and when the movie is expected to premiere.

Stephen King's works have a long history in cinema and on television, with his most notable works having received adaptions decades ago. More recently, his work has been the subject of an original Hulu show called Castle Rock, which explores the city and some of the storylines in the King universe.

For his part, Hill has also had some works adapted for television and movies, including the novel Horns that was turned into a movie by the same name. AMC is preparing to launch the second season of its NOS4A2 series based on Hill's book by the same name, as well.