HBO Gone Broadband on Demand

Daniel Lim - Jan 21, 2008

The Packers fans lost their dream to Super Bowl XLII last night but some of them will be the first in the country to experience HBO on Broadband service tomorrow. The TWC-owned-HBO is rolling out an online video service, HBO on Broadband, to reach the glowing internet crowds that spend most of their online minutes streaming video.

The new service will be available tomorrow in Green Bay and Milwaukee areas, but only to HBO subscribers with TWC’s broadband service. It will feature more than 375 titles of films and television programming at any given time, including HBO series such Sex and the City and Sopranos. It’s free if you already have both services in line. The network is looking in expanding the service to other broadband carriers with similar or possibly different market fields.

So now I get it, TWC’s plan to meter Internet usage is part of the hidden agenda to expand its exclusive VOD and online video partnership with major networks and carriers. If Project Beaumont were to success, they could potentially push the plan even further throwing In-House video service like HBO on Broadband as part of an attractive plan that will not be charged for Internet usage.

[via nypost]

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