HBO Go And Hulu Plus: The Perfect Living Room Marriage?

I've become an expert of sorts on entertainment. I've spent the better part of my life watching televisions, enjoying movies, listening to my favorite artists, and playing video games. To me, having all of that media available to me whenever I want it is a blessing.Because of that, I spend an awful lot of time evaluating different entertainment opportunities. From Netflix to Hulu Plus to iTunes, I'm always out there examining what's best and what might need some work.

For a long time, I truly believed that Netflix was the best entertainment option available to me. The platform had all kinds of movies and television shows, and it was cheap. Netflix was, for a while, the best living room entertainment option we had.

But now, I'm starting to move away from that. Netflix's content library is on the decline, and I'm finding myself watching programming on Hulu Plus and HBO Go far more often. To me, those two services are delivering the very best in living room entertainment.

How, you might ask? Simple: top-notch content.

Let's start with Hulu Plus. Although the commercials can be annoying, the sheer amount of content on the service is delectable. I can watch some of the latest episodes of television shows I might have missed, as well as check out some older films that, in some cases, really aren't too bad. Granted, Hulu Plus has its limitations, but for those looking for a solid television alternative to Netflix, it's quite good.

[aquote]How HBO gives away so much content for the price is beyond me[/aquote]

HBO Go, however, might just be the best addition to the living room experience I've seen in years. How HBO is willing to give away so much of its content for only the price of subscribing to its network is beyond me. But I'm more than happy to take advantage.

If you haven't tried out HBO Go, you should do so sooner rather than later. HBO offers every episode (yes, you read that correctly) of its series both on now and off the air. In addition, it comes with the network's documentaries, sports coverage, and films.

The issue with HBO Go is its general lack of availability in the living room. Unless you have certain devices or televisions, you'll more than likely be watching it on a computer. Luckily, my Samsung television recently started supporting HBO Go, so I can watch all of its programming right from the couch. Over time, I expect more vendors to support the application, as well.

So, let's consider this new scenario: when we want to watch popular, current major network and cable programming, we can opt for Hulu Plus. And in those cases where we want to check out what, I believe, is a grouping of even better shows and entertainment, we can go for HBO Go.

With Hulu Plus and HBO Go in tow, I don't quite miss Netflix. In fact, I couldn't care less about it.