Have R2-D2 deliver your mail

As everyone knows, or at least should know, this year is the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars. Being a Star Wars geek and all, it's a good year. What does George Lucas have planned next for the big celebration? R2-D2 mailboxes of course!

Don't expect it to deliver a holographic message of you to a hermit in the desert. But you can expect to see these at your local Post Office. Note that there is a url on the front that goes to uspsjedimaster.com. The site is currently blank, but likely will have some type of content once these are released into the wild.

Bear in mind that these will only be showing up inside the Post Offices. This is obviously to prevent theft of the boxes. Also, remember that stealing a mailbox is a federal offense.

R2-D2 Themed Mailboxes – Not So Long Ago At A Post Office Not So Far Away...

[via ohgizmo]