Have a physical copy for Fortnite? You could be in for a nice payday

Eric Abent - Jun 26, 2018, 1:34pm CDT
Have a physical copy for Fortnite? You could be in for a nice payday

You probably don’t need me to tell you that Fortnite is a sensation, as you probably already know plenty of people in your everyday life that love the game. Aside from that, Fortnite is routinely the top game on Twitch, and there have been plenty of reports that claim the game is pulling in an eye-watering amount of money each day. Want more proof that Fortnite is an ultra-successful video game? You need only have a look at eBay.

As reported by Ars Technica, physical copies of Fortnite have seen a massive spike in resale prices lately. If you didn’t know that physical Fortnite copies actually existed, you aren’t alone there. Gearbox actually handled the publishing duties for this one, releasing a limited number of copies back when Fortnite‘s Save the World mode launched last July.

That was, of course, well before Battle Royale launched and took the world by storm, so this physical launch ended up flying under the radar for most. Now that anything Fortnite is a hot commodity, prices for those physical copies have skyrocketed. Ars points out one instance of a sealed PS4 copy of Fortnite selling earlier this month for $449.99 on eBay.

That same seller actually moved two other sealed copies at the beginning of May, netting $169.99 for one and $204.99 for the other. That $450 sale seems to be an outlier, but taking a look at a list of completed sales on eBay shows that gamers are still shelling out a significant amount of cash for these. A number completed listings show a final sale price around $200, which is more than triple the $60 price Epic and Gearbox were charging for these games last summer.

Fortnite: Save the World, of course, is available as a digital download for $40, and Epic plans to make the game free-to-play once it exits early access, which might leave many scratching their heads over these frankly insane prices. Game collectors have shown plenty of times in the past that they’re willing to plop down large amounts of money for anything that’s rare, though, and that’s what these copies of Fortnite are. If you have a sealed copy, then, you might want to consider listing it on eBay or Amazon while prices are high, because now definitely seems to be the time to sell.

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