Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will let you make your own wizard

With the focus on superheroes and sci-fi films in general, you'd think that good old-fashioned fantasy franchises are passe. Warner Bros. definitely doesn't think so. In fact, it just created a new label named Portkey Games solely dedicated to one of the most beloved magical franchises of all: Harry Potter. On the heels of the AR-based Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Warner Bros. teamed up with mobile game developers Jam City to bring Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery that will finally let you live out your fantasies as a wizard of your own making.

There is no shortage of Harry Potter interactive content and games, though probably zilch on Android (officially). Most of those, however, only let player relive a fraction of the entire experience, a specific event or location, or, sometimes, even as Harry Potter. No offense, but we can't all be the boy who lived.

Very little is know about Hogwarts Mystery but what is being teased is already very intriguing. For one, it will be a story-driven game, as opposed to simply re-enacting the books. But perhaps most importantly, players will be to create their own wizard character and have him or her live through life at Hogwarts, experiencing the classes and meeting iconic characters. And, given the title, you will most likely need to solve something and save the wizarding world in the process.

The game seems to be in stark contrast to another upcoming mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Developed by Niantic Labs, the AR-based game is more focused on roaming the real-world in search for traces of magic. How Niantic plans to make that interesting is definitely something to watch out for.

Both games, however, are still shrouded in Invisibility Cloaks. You can bet your wands that the snoopier wizards among us will be hot on the trail of this mobile RPG. Just like Wizards Unite, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery launches in 2018 at a still unspecified date.

SOURCE: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery