Harrison Ford says Indiana Jones 5 will finally start filming in 2020

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 4, 2019, 4:19 pm CDT
Harrison Ford says Indiana Jones 5 will finally start filming in 2020

Back in early 2016, it was confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 had received the greenlight and would be — it was said at the time — premiering in theaters this year. That plan changed and the release was bumped to an uncertain future date, but details have ultimately been lacking. That has finally changed thanks to Harrison Ford, who reportedly said the next Indiana Jones movie is expected to start filming next year.

Though we know there will be a fifth Indiana Jones movie, the project has stagnated and fans have been left wondering how many years will pass before it finally arrives. In 2016 when the news of it being greenlit arrived, the movie was said to be planned for a 2019 theatrical release.

That was changed later on, and the most recent word — until now — was that filming on the unnamed installment would start in April 2019. That didn’t happen, either, but Variety reports that production may finally start in 2020. That’s based on a comment allegedly said by the sole actor to play Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford.

The statement was made to Variety during Ford’s visit to the new Disneyland Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction that opened to the public last week. When asked for his opinion on the attraction’s Millennium Falcon, Ford said it may work better than the official version used for filming the movies.

Though he didn’t have much to say about the Indiana Jones 5 movie, Ford did say that he was ‘looking forward to it,’ and that ‘things are coming along well.’ Ford has repeatedly stated that he wants to be the first and only actor to play Indiana Jones, a role previously leaked as possibly going to Chris Pratt in the future.

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