Harness The Power Of Wind With The AERO E Cellphone Charger

Here's a design that would make all your environmentally conscious friends jealous. The AERO E harnesses the power of the wind to generate electricity, much like its larger wind turbine cousins you see out in the hills or the ones they're experimenting with far out at sea.

The small wind turbine channels and captures the energy and wirelessly transfers it to a separate charging pad. The pad charges your device through induction and the sleek design shows no wires. The product looks very cool and anyone who wants to wow people with their "greenness" would be remiss not to have it.

The device would come with an app that lets you connect to the wind turbine and will tell you upcoming wind patterns and charge times. But like most concept designs, we may not be seeing this product in the mass market anytime soon.

[via Yanko Design]