Harmonix spills the beans on Rock Band

Are you pumped about Rock Band? I know I am, but then again I'm officially a dedicated plastic-guitar rocker. The guys over at IGN got the inside scoop on what we look forward to from the next big title from Harmonix.

First, the game is really like four complete games in one. You'll have completely separate games for the guitar, the drums, vocals and of course, for the entire band rocking out together. When you play one of the single instruments by yourself, the rest of the instruments will play on auto-pilot. You also will be able to unlock all of the songs just by playing a single instrument.

Another great piece of news is your old Guitar Hero controllers will in fact work with Rock Band. However, the new Fender Stratocaster controller will have some cool extra features not seen in previous guitars.

If you're worried that there won't be enough good tunes, they have promised hundreds of tracks will be available. In fact, they are working on a set of tools for importing your own music into the game, though it won't be available at launch. No comment on whether or not they will block you from uploading and converting your favorite MP3 tracks. Hopefully we can import any songs that we want.

They still have not settled on a price for the game, which could possibly be the biggest drawback for the title. How much would you be willing to shell out for a game like this? Would you be one to buy all three instruments and let you friends mooch off of you, or will you only buy the one instrument that you'll play?

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