Hardcore Computer Reactor is constantly cooled

Hardcore Computer creates customized computers that are prepped and primed for optimized performance. So it shouldn't come as a shock that they've come up with a new product meant to improve performance while keeping the heat producing components cool.  

The Reactor is a a new computer model designed by Hardcore Computer that keeps the motherboard, CPU, memory, video card and power supplies immersed in Core Coolant, a dielectric fluid that's meant to keep the hot parts cooled off. Not to mention, the Reactor looks like a blue fish tank of sorts, which if you'll pardon the pun, is cool.

Other specs include a Core 2 Extreme processor, up to three GeForce GTX 280 GPUs, 8GB of DDR3 memory, WiFi antennas, a CMOS battery, Creative Labs X-Fi, 7.1 Dolby digital surround sound, HD/3D realism and a BIOS reset switch. The Reactor carries with it high price tag, however, at $4,500. Plus, even higher-end models are expected to cost about $10,000. This is definitely meant for the "hardcore" gamer.

[via Coolest Gadgets]