Hard Drive Dock - For all of your external hard drive needs

I work on a lot of computers. Even though I've been out of the computer repair biz for some time now, friends, family and assorted strangers still feel that I'm the guy to come to for all of their technological troubles. This of course means that I've still got a nice assortment of tools in my closet. However, this is one that I would probably keep on my desk.

We've all seen those external enclosures for hard drives. They'll set you back a small chunk of cash and allow you to add another hard drive to your PC without cracking your case. They're also quite useful when trying to recover data off of a crashed PC. Now picture one of those, only it's not really an enclosure, but rather you just stick your hard drive in the slot, and you're off. Now that's convenient.

Most people probably won't find an everyday use for this, but anyone that ever works on computers would surely love to have one. It accepts both 2.5" and 3.5" drives and will set you back a little less than $50.

Drobo's bastard, toaster cousin [via crunchgear]