Happy Birthday YouTube!

There's a little website on the internet you might have heard of called YouTube, today celebrating its seventh birthday. First launched in May 2005, the video sharing site exploded in popularity after it was acquired by Google and is churning out videos and views at an breakneck pace. The first crazy stat to take away? 72 hours of video are uploaded to the site very minute, up from 48 hours last year.

Here are some more numbers coming straight at you: YouTube Mobile accrues around 600 million playbacks per day, and as of January this year over 4 billion videos are watched per day, with 3 billion hours per month watched by 800 million users around the world.

The YouTube team have put together a video showcasing the various milestones and achievements the site has hit, loaded with stats and numbers across the years, plus various events that have been shared out across the world thanks to the platform. You can take a peek below, although you'll have to provide your own cake and party poppers.